miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

SSMA Bug Migration Sybase to SQL Server

I have been involved with a Sybase migration from Sybase to SQL Server
The migration wizard SSMA(version 5.2.1260) makes the next wrong conversion.

The scenario is:

  • Table named NCO

  • Table named TestConversion with colum name NCO

  • Any statement (Insert, Update, Select...)

Update TestConversion
where NCO > 1

SSMA converted statement

Update TestConversion
where dbo.NCO > 1

SSMA identifies NCO like a table (because the field name matches with Table name) and adds the prefix dbo. (or the name schema especified in the application).
If we want to execute this sentence, it returns an error.

The solution is to change the column name for another name that doesn't match with any table name, or correct all sentences, deleting dbo. in applied cases.

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