miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

SQL Server Windows Authentication with another DOMAIN\USER

Sometimes, there are people who needs to work with SQL Server and Windows authentication, but they are external employees and their notebooks are loggued into different domain.


SQL Server from Domain XXX
External Employee with PC from Domain YYY
External User Account of XXX Domain logged with YYY Domain.

Trying left shift + right button mouse and select execute SSMS like another user.
This options doesn't work.

Trying to execute Command runas /netonly /user:XXX\User SSMS.exe
Then type the correct Password.
When SSMS is open, select windows authentication.
Trying this one, works fine.

You can check your login account with this sentence select suser_name();

It's XXX\External Account User .

I hope it can help you.